I’m a stay-at-home mama of two pre-reading kiddos and I LOVE sharing my love of reading with them (and anyone else I meet)! Reading is an adventure, teaching us new things about the world and the people in it, taking us to far-away lands (real & fictional), and helping us develop empathy, compassion, intelligence, and understanding about how the world works. I LOVE doing this through books – especially the titles at PaperPie! – because the titles are fun, engaging, age-appropriate, relevant, and educational to boot!

I’m here to help make your life easier by connecting you with awesome books for your kids. To help you get them off their tablets or phones and into a good book. To help you get a few moments of peace and quiet when you really need it. To help you grow kids who love learning and have a broader perspective. To help you help your kids thrive.

Let’s adventure together!

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